CONDUCTORES ELÉCTRICOS QUINRO, S.A. DE C.V. , it´s a Mexican Company founded in 1965, with the purpose of manufacturing electric drivers and wires for the construction industry. At the moment we serve to electrodomestic appliances manufacturers mainly, car harness and electronic appliances. Our operation includes wire draw of copper of diverse types, wired of diverse types, tinned of copper wire, meshes for shields and extrusion of isolations and cases, so much in thermoplastic as thermofixed materials: PVC, CPE, XLPE, XLPO and SILLICON, for wire temperatures operation of 60° at 200°C.
We have a production area of 2,740 m2, where two hundred twenty employees work in three shifts, what allows to offer to our clients, wires and cables TW, THW, TWD, flexible cords SPT (POT type), SVT, SJT, ST (industrial use), control cables, armored cables, RG, microphone cables, power source cords and extensions, car wires, AWM, no clasified cables and especial.


We have a plastics injection area, in which manufacture electric extensions, pasacorriente cables, plugs and harness, all them in different calibers, and by design. In this operation we have an installed capacity of 2,000,000 electrical plugs per month, and we works at the moment to 60%, for what we are in possibility of enlarging it to the short term if the demand requires it.
We maintain a plan of continuous training for our personnel and we have a laboratory of tests credited before the EMA (Mexican Entity of Accreditation) that added to our quality insurance system, allows us to manufacture our line of products with a high reliability index.

We have obtained for most of our articles, the recognition of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and certainly for all our products, the national registration NOM, ANCE.



For all this, our company has stayed per years, as reliable supplier for the most important makers of electrodomestic appliances in our country.



The production department is divided in 4 areas: Copper (wire draw, wire grouping, tinned and wired), Extrusion (wire lined), Plastic Injection and Harness.



Process in which copper wire is made go by special dice that elongate it and reduces its diameter of 8 mm. until obtaining fine wire of up to 0.160 mm. of diameter.



Process in which several wires or drivers of the same diameter are gathered and bent with the purpose of building cables of different calibers that go from the 26 caliber to 4/0 AWG.



In this process, we apply to the copper a tin layer based on the applicable norms. This type of products is used mainly in the field of the electronics.



In this area we apply diverse types of resins and made up of PVC to manufacture cables of diverse characteristic, thermoplastic and thermofixed.


This department produces cable plugs according to the clients' specifications, in this area are a great quantity of process that they go from the cut of the cable, the application of terminals, and the injection of plastics for the gromets formation and electrical plugs.


In this department cables are already managed processed to manufacture special arrangements for different uses and products, as for example computers, refrigerators, ovens, irons, blenders, etc.


Today, we are in the certification process of the quality insurance program ISO 9000, for that the Management area and the personnel of this company settled down the commitment of reaching the following objectives:

  • Through our politics of quality, to achieve the satisfaction of our clients, achieving with this that they stay an interest of the permanent market for our products.

  • To reduce the production costs that it takes us to improve the benefits, and for our personal improvement inside the labor atmosphere of the company.

  • To propitiate by means of the participation and the critic, the continuous improvements of the productive processes and the products that we manufacture.

  • To maintain a participative attitude in all and each one of the activities of quality developed in the company.

With this, and joined to the optimization of our processes and constant development and growth, we intend to complete our mission:

To design, to manufacture and to distribute the best cables, lines plugs and electric harness to the consumer, guaranteeing the security of the same one in their use via Total Quality of our products.

“To be the best” generating benefits to motivate and to develop our collaborators in order to transcend with exemplary human integration, in the contribution of the national industry to the enlargement of Mexico, and all this under a climate of respect and the commitment of serving.